People: Anicent Jade Archaeological Discoveries

People: Anicent Jade Archaeological Discoveries

Awesome People: Anicent Jade Archaeological Discoveries

From unbelievable masks wracked with mystery to axe and others jade-made tools, including one find in Papua New Guinea that is changing history as you watch! Here are The most incredible Jade Discoveries Ever Unearthed!

#10 Mayan Lords Mask

In 1952, after four years of clearing rubble, a Mexican archaeologist unearthed a tomb containing an ornate Jade mask. The tomb belonged to Lord Pakal, who over the years has went by many names, including: Sun Shield, 8 Ahau and Pacal the Great. But the findings of this tomb have sparked a great debate, because this incredible Jade mask and beautiful beads only tell us a lie. The man behind the mask is… not ACTUALLY lord Pakal. Many believe the remains belong to someone entirely different. The main reason for this debate is because the teeth of the remains place the deceased at only 40 years of age, when in fact Pakal is known for having ruled for nearly 70 years. That’s a pretty big discrepancy to ignore. There are many reasons tossed around as to why the remains would switched out, some claim vanity as the cause – legends portrayed Lord Pakal as a giant with unusual features, such as six fingers on each hand and a cone shaped skull. And others say he wasn’t Mayan at all. All we know for sure is that someone’s skeleton was behind this gorgeous green face, and it wasn’t the real king. It is believed that the masks features depict Lord Pakal fairly accurately, because it matched other paintings representing Pakal. Who knows what this mask can teach us about the great Mayan King?
#9 Underwater Offering
Discovered underwater in Veracruz, these peculiar artifacts are believed to have been some kind of ancient offering to gods. These objects, that are assumed to be from somewhere between 900 BCE and 400 BCE, were discovered in 2012 by divers taking part in the Arroyo Pesquero project. In ancient times, the Olmec civilization inhabited this region of Mexico. Other Olmec artifacts, such as giant stone heads, have been discovered nearby, but these recently discovered JADEITE objects are completely different.
By the way stick around for number 3 to see another Jadeite discovery that is causing historians to question the so-called facts.
As for these guys, it is unclear to researchers exactly what the shapes these objects were supposed to be. To some archaeologists, these artifacts appear to be an abstract representation of a corncob. The fact that these specimens are made of mottled jadeite also surprised scientists, since it is both rare and difficult to work with, since it’s harder than steel. Experts believe that the oddly shaped jadeite artifacts served as a symbol of power among the Olmec and were later taken to a sacred place to be used as offerings. The Olmec sacred place was the beautiful mixed world where freshwater meets saltwater.
#8 Jade Axes
These fascinating axe heads made of jade were discovered in Scotland, although it is widely believed that they originated elsewhere. Researchers have concluded that the axe heads were crafted in the Italian Alps and then brought to Scotland sometime around 4000 BCE. Archaeologists believe that they were created near high mountains because they were associated with the realm of the gods during the Neolithic period. Such axes were carefully made, it was both arduous and time consuming. Because of their high level of craftsmanship and that fact that they are polished to perfection it is predicted that they were used in rituals among the pioneering farming groups, which brought them to Scotland. Scientists are certain that axes also played an important role in the expansion of civilizations and were used to clear space in forests. However, it is more likely that axes made of less precious materials were used for such tasks. Other experts argue that jade axes were more likely used as status symbols, since the mineral is found far from the area where they were probably used. In fact it was more than just far, it took a lot of work, people had to climb up roughly 6 thousand meters to get the jade required to make these axes…that’s over a mile. Can you imagine making that effort for a tool you don’t even really need?
#7 Funeral Discs
#6 Imperial Seal
#5 Luxurious Burial Suits
#4 Shark Tooth Sun God Mask
#3 Jade Tool From Papua New Guinea
#2 Mysterious Seal of the Realm
#1 Unbelievable Discovery in the Pyramid of the Sun

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