Space: NASA: How To Recycle Water in Space

Space: NASA: How To Recycle Water in Space

Awesome Space: NASA: How To Recycle Water in Space

Nature has been recycling water on Earth for eons, and NASA is perfecting how to do it in space right now on the International Space Station. In constant operation for several years already, the Water Recovery System draws moisture from a number of sources to continuously provide astronauts with safe, clean drinking water. Follow the entire process in this video and learn how engineers are successfully turning yesterday’s coffee into tomorrow’s for these brave explorers!

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27 Replies to “Space: NASA: How To Recycle Water in Space”

  1. What about minerals in the water, though. Aren't they missing from urine, since the body already used them? Are there any steps to add minerals to the distilled water again?

  2. Maybe they should consider hydrogen filters, like whale baleen or those ionic air filter things. Just going through space, picking up a tiny atoms of hydrogen. Maybe after 10,000 miles they pick up enough to fill an 8 oz cup with water. It's not a lot, but it helps.

  3. astronaut takes a drink of water to their discomfort the WRS was slightly malfunctioning so the water tastes horrible, in uncontrollable disgust the astronaut spits the water out in classic spit take fashion spraying it everywhere

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