Space: In Space Everyone Can Hear You Poop | Video

Space: In Space Everyone Can Hear You Poop | Video

Awesome Space: In Space Everyone Can Hear You Poop | Video

The suction fan on the Space Station potty is so loud that, well, everyone knows when you ‘go.’ Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti explains how to turn on that fan and how-to use the International Space Station toilet. — Doing Your Hair and Nails In Space:

Credit: ESA

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  1. I wanted to go to bed 3 hours ago but here I am watching a tutorial about how to poop in space. It all started with this damn how to break open a parmesan cheese video

  2. At least it’s better than what Apollo people had to do. Shit in a bag that had a finger scoop because poop doesn’t let go of your ass that well in 0 gravity , mix in bacteria, and mush the bacteria and your warm poop in the bag together in the same kinda way you knead dough. And the bag is clear so you could see it the whole time. Those guys were troopers.

  3. Odd enough this is one of thise videos that is sure fire proof we really have been to space. Have had an issue with most space videos having as many cuts as a action movie fight scene. Three minutes uneditted of toilet hoses with an italian woman talking makes space travel appear more real than compared to other clips with more famous speakers.

  4. Actually nobody can hear you since there is sound, and anyway who cares, they are a team and a team is a team. Maybe not everybody has a very clear idea of what a team is. Good video!

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