Plants and Animals: Puff Adder Bite – World’s Deadliest Snakes! (HOT)

Plants and Animals: Puff Adder Bite – World’s Deadliest Snakes! (HOT)

Awesome Facts: Puff Adder Bite – World’s Deadliest Snakes! (HOT)

In this video Sean explores a nasty Puff Adder bite that is pretty amazing. Have you seen this snake video before? Are you familiar with this snake? Leave your comments in the comment section below! Please do not watch this video if snake bites, snakes, puff adders, rattlesnake, cobra or surgery offend you!


Check out the video here!


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16 Replies to “Plants and Animals: Puff Adder Bite – World’s Deadliest Snakes! (HOT)”

  1. Hey guys my gosh darned phone cable doesn't stay in the plug on on the phone anymore. It just slips right out. Can anyone help and tell me what to do here!!!!???

  2. He even experienced what it is to be flayed alive, as they had to do that on his leg for the skin graft. A large chafing wound that hurts and burns like hell, probably for days. Of course he was under when they took the skin, but when he awoke……

  3. Well, the greatest mistake the guy made was, he had no respect of snakes. Snakes are no toys. I used to own two puff adders and, hell, do I know how fast they can be. They are a snake to be sespected ! On the top of its head, towards the broadest part of the heart shaped head, puff adders often have a sort of zigzag stripe and below it two dark spots. When excited, the snake will bow its head with its nose pointing downward and show you the top of the head, which then looks like a larger head, with a zigzag bandana and huge eyes. Its a trick, and a good one too…

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