Plants and Animals: Exploding Whales! Why do Whales Explode?

Plants and Animals: Exploding Whales! Why do Whales Explode?

Awesome Facts: Exploding Whales! Why do Whales Explode?

In this video Sean talks about exploding whales. Whales explode in nature and in part due to the interference of humans. What would you do if a 300 ton whale washed up on the shores of your community! Beached whales are an interesting and controversial topic. Blue whales explode and it can cause quite a scene if you are anywhere near them. Leave your comments below if you are a fan of blue whales and whale videos.



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5 Replies to “Plants and Animals: Exploding Whales! Why do Whales Explode?”

  1. I'd have to say that we humans DON'T have the best messages to pass on; but, until we do — quite possibly this is what they should do, until another resource comes along. But, question: If the whale is beached, and it is seen within an ample amount of time, could it possibly be used in animal foods? I would say that they probably died of old age! Heart attacks, whatever. But, couldn't their body fluids & carcass be tested for a disease?

    If it tests out okay, why couldn't it be used for food? What do they use NOW? You & I have no idea what goes into the pet's food! Sure! They write it on the can. Do you walk around with a magnifying glass and a science kit in order to see if it is just right for yours???

    I can assure you — they eat rancid meat out in the pastures where the cattle are, horses, etc. They can be laying dead on a manure pile and the animals (dogs) will still feed on them. Not the smelly rotted guts, but the skins.

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