People: Most Unbelievable Fossils Ever Unearthed

People: Most Unbelievable Fossils Ever Unearthed

Awesome People: Most Unbelievable Fossils Ever Unearthed

From the most well preserved primate ever discovered, to sea creatures of almost mythical proportions, here are the 10 Most Unbelievable Fossils ever unearthed!
10. The nodosaur
(Nodosaur image source)
110 million years go, the nodosaur was an armoured plant-eating dinosaur and up until quite recently, we weren’t too sure of how it really looked. But now we do. Thanks to a startling discovery made in 2011, when an extremely well-preserved fossil was discovered in Western Canada. This wasn’t a scattered field of bones – THIS fossil was a snout-to-hips, intact, 2,500 pounds of dinosaur. So well preserved, some of it’s dinosaur skin is still covering its bumpy bones! Judging by the fossil, nodosaur looked something like a 3,000 pound armadillo on stilts with 20 inch spikes coming out it’s shoulders. According to researchers, this 18-foot long herbivore originally fossilized in one piece, but only the front half of the animal’s fossil was able to be recovered. Bummer. Careful work is being done at the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Alberta, Canada) to ready this enormous fossil for display to the public.
9. The Epic Battle
(Battle image source )
Have you ever seen a drawing of dinosaurs battling, or perhaps a scene in a movie? It is probably a well-known fact that those images are products of their creators’ imaginative deductions based on reconstructed bits and pieces of dino. Some may even argue that dinosaur fights are completely fictitious. What do those skeptics have to say to this fossilized battle scene, then? Discovered in the Gobi desert in 1971, here we see a proto-cera-tops attempting to get the best of a velociraptor. Only there were no victors in this deadly battle. Both met their ends when a sand cliff collapsed and buried the struggling duo.
8. Prehistoric Love Making
(Turtles image source )
Yes, you heard that right. Mating was so prominent in prehistory that there is even a preserved fossil of the act. These unfortunate turtles died of asphyxiation, before they even had a chance to finish. This fossil actually isn’t the only one of its nature, there have been others unearthed. For example, there exists a trilo-bite umm “orgie” and an aglao-phython’s fossilized ejaculation, the first ever to be recorded. Bet that scientist’s mom is proud!
7. Dinosaur Dung

(dinosaur poo image source)
As if prehistoric intimacy wasn’t enough, next up we have prehistoric feces. Ok, so maybe this won’t be your first choice if you were looking to buy yourself a dinosaur souvenir, but this unappealing piece of dung is actually of great value to scientists and researchers. Discovered in South California (USA), fossils like this one are referred to as “trace fossils”. This means that with their help scientists can figure out exactly what an extinct creature was eating millions of years ago. If you haven’t been totally disgusted by this discovery, wait until you see Ick-thee-a-sore-us vomit.
6. The Spider Attack

(Spider attack image source)
Spiders. You can hate them or fear them, but did you know that they existed in prehistoric times? There’s even fossilized evidence of their existence from around 100 million years ago. This is the only fossil discovered to date of a spider attacking its prey. Discovered in a Burmese mine, this fossil has been said to date back to the Early Cre-tay-ceous period. Well preserved in amber, this rare fossil not only depicts the prehistoric attack in great detail, but is weirdly quite stunning.
5. The Giant Ant
(ant image source)
What do you think when you think of ants? Probably you think of tiny creatures, barely the size of a bread crumb, constantly scurrying around. Well the prehistoric ant, discovered in 2011 in Wyoming, was anything but “tiny”. In fact, its size was nearly that of a modern hummingbird, about two inches in length. Imagine THAT at your picnic. This ant was the first complete fossil of its kind to be found in the West. Giant ant wing fossils have been discovered in the area before, but a full body fossil is something entirely new. A potential theory to explain their appearance in North America is that there may have been a land bridge between Europe and North America that existed during a rather warm period in the Earth’s history. It is still unclear to scientists whether Titanomyrma giant ants originated in Europe and then made their way to North America, or the other way around. Since these ants require a warm climate to thrive, they had to have lived during the early Eocene period (from 56 to 34 million years ago) in order to be able to survive in Europe and North America.
4. Giant Red Penguin
3. Most Complete Primate
2. Enormous Megalodon Jaw
1. The Martian Meteorite

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