Interesting Facts: 10 Badass Vehicles For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Interesting Facts: 10 Badass Vehicles For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Awesome Facts: 10 Badass Vehicles For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

10 Badass Vehicles For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse
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You woke up today and everything seemed like your ordinary day, that is until you turned on the news to see that the whole zombie thing was true, a virus has broken out and the once living are now walking the streets again.

10. Jeep Wrangler rock crawler rat rod – Looking like something that is straight out of a Mad Max movie but made for a zombie apocalypse, is this turbo diesel powered Willys Rat Rod that’s called the RockRat. It’s been completely custom designed from the ground up.

9. SHERP ATV – If you run outside and happen to see one of these things parked on the street, this might be one of your best choices for a vehicle that will help you get to the nearest safe zone. The SHERP All-terrain vehicle can literally go anywhere, even across small rivers, lake, and streams.

8. BvS 10 ‘Viking’- For some of us, it might not be enough to just get away. We might want to get a little payback on our way out of a zombie infested city. If so, then this completely amphibious protected all-terrain vehicle that is heavily armored and fitted with tank tracks is a zombie crushers dream.

7. Shaman off road truck 3 – If this doesn’t scare those pesky zombies from trying to eat you, then almost nothing will. The Shaman is larger than a Chevy Suburban 4×4 in every dimension. The Shaman os over 20 feet long and almost 8 and a half feet wide. It’s zombie clearance is about 18 inches and with its dual steering, can turn in just under 25 feet.

6. The Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycle – Chances are most of us won’t be lucky enough to find a shiny new Shaman truck waiting for us outside as we realize we’ve got to get to higher ground, and quick.

5. Ripsaw EV2 – Talk about cool. The Ripsaw is probably the only ‘Luxury Super Tank’ in existence, and is one of our top choices for a zombie apocalypse escape vehicle. This thing literally flies over the terrain and will probably find no trouble getting over any other obstacle in its way.

4. BMD-4 – If you happen to be in Russia during the zombie apocalypse, and you’re close to a military base, you could get your hands on a BMD-4 armored fighting vehicle and take the fight back to the undead, or at least leave where you are without anything stopping you short of a tank.

3. Rezvani tank – Here is what you get when you mix tank with Jeep, and the result is really cool. The Rezvani tank is a real beast of an off-road machine. Its equipped with on demand 4-wheel drive, and has a 500 horsepower 6.4litre V8.

2. Cougar 6×6 – The Cougar 6×6 is a small troop transport vehicle that would be perfect for a family to escape an infected city with. This vehicle is known for its ability to survive anything short of a well-placed nuclear missile.

1. PL-01 Tank – Yes we know many of you have been saying ‘but where is the tank?’ Well if you know how to drive a tank, and you’ve enlisted your two best friends as driver and gunner, then you’re in business if you happen to see one of these sitting around with the key in the ignition.

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