Enviroment: First Robot Lionfish Capture (RSE Guardian LF1)

Enviroment: First Robot Lionfish Capture (RSE Guardian LF1)

Your Enviroment: First Robot Lionfish Capture (RSE Guardian LF1)

In April 2017, RSE unveiled and tested the first robot to capture invasive lionfish below depths reachable by sport divers, where the population expands unchecked. Designed to cost less than $1000 and dive to a depth of 400 feet, the Guardian LF1 can stun and collect up to ten lionfish before bringing them to the surface.

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2 Replies to “Enviroment: First Robot Lionfish Capture (RSE Guardian LF1)”

  1. Is it possible to make UV disinfection robots that monitor coastal waters to ensure that humans and vermins don't shit in the water? Can you make some that dig underneath the seabed as well as stay on top of it? That can probably ensure that the Ebola-in-the-water thing doesn't ever happen.

  2. Nobody should be eating any lionfish. All types if lionfish are vermins! The States were saying that people need to eat more lionfish when that is foolishness. The lionfish eat the sick, lame, dying and dead fish. They even eat the shit in the waters. Now, I see a British article saying that people should eat more lionfish. This article is right here, https://www.businessinsider.com/foods-you-should-eat-lionfish-seaweed-goat-beans-insects-2016-6?r=UK&IR=T&IR=T . They even want people to eat insects. If those in Britain are eating lionfish, you know what that means? They're just like the ones in the States; they don't have any other fish. I wonder if they have Ebola in the waters, too? Those in the States shit in the water and all over the place as a joke or some prank. In the 16 and 17th Centuries, those in Britain use to shit all over the place, and spread cholera, malaria, and yellow fever. I wonder if they're still shitting all over the place?

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